Begin your Tanzania safari adventure with a scenic flight to the Eastern Serengeti ecosystem. Stay in a private, tented safari camp in a 12,000-acre nature refuge, home to leopards, elands, giraffes, and even rare wild dogs. The rustic luxury of your tented nyumba camp offers the quintessential African bush safari experience, with all the comforts (like fine linens and en suite private baths) a modern traveler expects.

Visit a boma, the traditional mud-and-dung homes of the nomadic Maasai people. There, you and your fellow travelers will meet the Maasai women, and learn about their very different lives: raising kids in the remote wilderness, living in a country where women are still second-class citizens, and possibly being one of multiple wives! You’ll come away feeling bonded both to the women and each other. An evening visit by Maasai warriors, who will perform a traditional rhythmic dance for you, will be an unforgettable highlight of the journey.

Bond with your fellow Tanzania adventurers on a morning wildlife hike, a chance to spot especially elusive creatures, like silver-backed jackals and walk among giraffes. A visit with the Enjipai Women’s Group will show you firsthand how tourism is being used as a force for good in this remote region of Tanzania, and an afternoon tracking hike through the rocky hillsides gives an up-close experience of the wildlife and plant life native to the region. See which of your new AdventureWomen friends has the sharpest eyes on a night drive through the refuge – an opportunity few travelers ever enjoy – as you watch for nocturnal aardvarks, porcupines, and spring hares.

Head to the majestic Serengeti, where zebras, lions, elephants, and cheetah wander the iconic plains. You’ll enjoy three days of the best wildlife safari viewing on earth, including sightings of the Great Migration of over 2 million wildebeest and other grazing mammals. An optional hot-air balloon ride will offer breathtaking views of the Serengeti.

End your journey in the Ngorongoro Highlands, a lush hilly region of Tanzania that holds the world-famous Ngorongoro Crater. Visit the crater floor, a self-contained ecosystem that holds over 30,000 exotic animals, including all of the Big Five if you’re lucky. Gourmet meals and stunning accommodations at award-winning Gibb’s Farm are a perfect way to unwind after an adventure-filled journey.

Witness the world’s most majestic creatures in their stunning natural habitats on this ten-day journey in May 2019 to Tanzania’s Serengeti, the heart of the wild!

Tanzania: Exploring the Serengeti on Safari

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    Experience the wonder of the world as it once was on an epic journey into the wilds of Tanzania, Africa’s premiere safari destination, to see the Great Migration on the Serengeti in May and October 2019. 

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